Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Prayer Retreat

Our second annual Prayer Retreat was amazing and refreshing. My prayer group went to our friend's riverfront cabin, and spent the weekend praying and sharing life together. It was so encouraging and awesome to see how God met each one of us there, and accomplishes His purposes in us when we commit our time to Him. He meets us where we are, and never fails to show up. We were so so sad to miss Sommer, who couldn't make it this year. I can't wait until next year!!

This and that

A few fun tidbits to recap:

- We played around with some fun lenses for the camera phone. Wide angle, macro lens, and fishbowl (ha ha). Our life is super exciting.

- Kyle took two of the kids up to Husky Open Spring Practice, and got several pics with the players. Marcus enjoyed (a) a nap in the sun (b) the drills on the field he was able to do. Marin's highlight was visiting Ghostfish Brewery again in Seattle! Maddie and Max enjoyed a day with Nana (not fighting the crowds).

- STEAM night at school (aka Science Fair)... I took Maddie and Marcus, the brownies wanted to stay home and read... seriously, these two and their love of reading. After a long day of school, they both just wanted to chill. So, the blondes and I ventured out together. Our school is so awesome!!

- Muffins with Mom, also at school. These are my favorite memories of all four of these kids at the same school! It was like pulling teeth to get a picture, they all wanted to run off with their friends! Mom gets a picture you guys, it's like... my ONLY YEAR OF YOU ALL TOGETHER. For the love! My babies.

- Kids doing yardwork (yay Dad! look at all those overalls), and reaping the rewards (a walk to get ice cream up the hill)

Clamming in Seaside

We played hooky from school and work on Friday recently, and took the kids clamming at Seaside! Kyle loves planning these adventures, and I love that he does that. He got all the permits and gear, scouted out the best beaches, and got us all organized. My contribution to these family outings include (a) bring food (b) make sure we pick a beach with a bathroom (c) have a Plan B when Farcus gets bored of not finding any clams.

We all have our gifts ;)

It was a beautiful day at the beach, and had an awesome time together (even if we only got 1 tasty razor clam, and no pictures of Dad... oh boy). We did also visit the Seaside Aquarium so we could feed those crazy seals!

Happy Easter (and the weeks after)

This Easter, we enjoyed church together, and had Nana and Poppy over for lunch. Kyle roasted a ham :) Somehow we got lots of pictures of this perfect ham, but none of our guests. Priorities! Geez! Anyway, a beautiful day together, and the start of a week of dog-sitting our cousin's doggie Harley. Seriously a highlight of my kids' entire lives. That dog was WIPED out after a week of daily walks, lots of playing and love. His family says he lost weight and slept for a week afterwards, so I guess it's good we plan to get a lab and not a bulldog? He is a sweetheart. Also allllll the pictures of the dog. Priorities :) Uncle Damon was so happy we took good care of his boy, he gave the kids a wad of cash as a thank-you. The girls decided use their portion to make their room a terrarium of succulents, so now their windowsill is loaded with garden life. We ended the week visiting cousins in Vancouver!