Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Little dates

Now that all my kids are in school full time, I'm really trying to plan more 1-on-1 dates with them. I feel like now more than ever, they need that special time with me and their daddy. We make the dates short and sweet, and just what they need for a little pick me up. Unfortunately, many of them have been on a continuous string of illness and injury, so in addition to "dates" we are also seeing a lot of "home days with Mom" too. SAHM life is still a very full time gig :) I confess to enjoying that quality time with them, even if I am scared to death they will get me sick again (did I mention in December, I was sick for a month with strep throat AND the flu?  Ughhhhhhh)

I took Marcus out to lunch after church, which was perfect because he loves being out in society.  In addition, he also loves to interrogate the servers at Panera bread about why they don't have pagers anymore ;) Also, he still does the ear trick! And... he still turns on the cuteness and charm when he really wants to get a rise out of me! Our home sick days consisted of lots of coloring at his favorite desk.

My date with Max was also lunch after church, and we always have the best conversations. His heart and mind are full of dreams, and I love hearing about it.

This boy also had an adventurous couple of weeks, complete with a tragic fall on our new treadmill (he was able to tell his classmates a cautionary tale about the importance of safety cords, and what happens when you run at full speed), followed by almost two weeks off and on with a nagging night time stomach virus. Two trips to the doctor and multiple tests. Good thing he is doing well in school, or I would be seriously concerned about this kid's truancy record!! Expecting a letter from the school now any day.

Happy 41st birthday to Kyle

Happy birthday to my handsome hubby! We started the day with "birthday pie", and then that evening I took him out for his birthday to hit balls at the driving range and we tried out a new restaurant downtown. Groundbreaker Brewery (the entire place is gluten free, shhhhh don't tell!)... super yummy food and drinks, and a fun day with the birthday boy. My dear husband, I pray for you that this is a year of blessing and love! I love you!

Happy 12th birthday to Marin

My first born turned 12 years old! My sweet Marin, I just can't say enough about how much her Daddy and I love her and how proud we feel. She is such a wonderful human being, and I love watching her grow up. She is smart as a whip, full of creativity (she has been writing lots of plays and stories, not to mention drawing and crocheting every chance she gets), musical (just started violin), social and responsible. She regularly "babysits" her younger siblings for short chunks of time, and does a great job.

For her birthday weekend, we focused on her "quality time" love language and she actually made a list for us of all her birthday dreams.

On Day 1 we all went sledding at the mountain together, and she and Dad snuck off for a special show-shoe trip, just the two of them. We hit Old Spaghetti Factory on the way home for an early birthday dinner, and she tried a new yummy drink: italian soda!

On Day 2, she and I had an epic "mall trip" (the first time she has ever shown interest in this), where we picked out new clothes, shoes and sunglasses to fit her new 12 year old style. A bit of milestone :)

Then on Day 3, her actual birthday, she ate birthday crepes (prepared by Dad the day before, as he was gone for a biz trip on her big day), went to school and I surprised her at lunch by bringing 6 dozen cupcakes for her and all the 6th graders. The best part of that was the raucous and enthusiastic singing of "Happy Birthday" from all her classmates! Coming home to snacks, gifts, and another dinner out to PF Changs (her fave Celiac friendly place), followed by a Mom-cake (she designed it, I made it... a "pond with lily pads and flowers", even the flames of the candles were green and blue!).

And, after all this I forgot birthday cereal ;) So we had that on Day 4, the day after her birthday. Lucky Charms for the win!

Then, a week later, a birthday party with four of her best friends. Laser tag, yummy treats and nerf gun wars. I could not ask for a better group of fantastic 6th graders for my sweetheart to be friends with. They are a delightful bunch. Good friends are gold!!

Happy 12th birthday, my wee darlin'!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Christmas 2017

The month of December was so crazy! Two bouts of strep throat, one ear infection and four cases of influenza. Somehow in between and during these difficult days of sickness for our family, we also experienced zoo lights, the Nutcracker, a trip to Camano, the Xmas tree farm, St Nicholas Day, a family church holiday party, making cookies for Santa, Advent, matching jammies, Christmas morning, cousin and grandparent time, little hikes (to get some fresh air after all the SICKNESS, ugh), ice skating, new pets, and a lot of togetherness. Honestly this year, I was the sickest of everyone, which is a rare situation. Usually I stay pretty healthy, but it was bad this year. Lots of missed opportunities with family and friends, but also lots of forced rest and home days. Thankul to be healthy again! Merry Christmas!

Newest cousin Will, with the blanket
Marin crocheted for him!

And the "perfectly fitting" hat she crocheted for him.
Sooooo cute!!!

Maddie's favorite gift: a new aquarium, frog and snail

Royal the betta fish, Flash the golden snail, and Sir Hops-a-Lot
the african dwarf frog. Things are getting wild in there.

Max's new ping pong set!

This picture is what happens
when the blondes refuse to cooperate ;)

Baby Santa entertained everyone at
the tree farm.

Crafts at church

Christmas visit with Papa

My mom took us to the Nutcracker.
And cared for our sick family until we could head home.

This guy took care of us the whole time!

Xmas breakfast - gluten free coffee cake was great!