Saturday, November 11, 2017

Visiting Medford

We finally all made it to Medford to visit our besties! It was good for our hearts and souls to be with our friends again, and experience their new life. Their property is amazing, and the kids were in heaven with sheep, bunnies, barn cats, chickens and even a new puppy to play with. Not to mention the four wheelers, motorcycles, beautiful hikes up to the top of the ridge and humans were there to see ;)

Oh! And on the way there, we hit one of our bucket list stops... Wildlife Safari park, where you drive through and see a bunch of wild animals INCLUDING cheetah cubs. Are you kidding me. So much fun!

Life lessons

Friday, November 10, 2017

Gluten Free Expo

Marin and I went to the Portland Gluten Free Expo downtown! We weren't sure what to expect, as we are approaching our 1 year mark of confirmed Celiac Disease. Woah, it was so much fun for her. The endless samples, the delectable treats, and great cooking demos (we got a great lunch idea for Nori Rolls). And best of all, quality time with my little love. She continues to be an amazing example of resilience in hardship, and finds upsides to situations where she could easily find the disappointment. I'm so proud of her.

The coolest cupcakes ever.
Look at that smile!

Shell made from white chocolate

Her fave - Brazi bites

We filled these puppies up with as many samples as possible

Happy birthday to me

Turning 41 is not nearly as exciting as turning 40 :)  I did spend a bit of time going down memory lane with my big trip to Vegas last fall with my three hooligan mom friends. That was so much fun!!! This year, I celebrated with a sweet dinner w/ friends earlier in the week (no pictures, too much talking), and will have date night later in the month to coincide with our next Broadway show. The day of my birth, it was all work (with some sweetness along the way). Kyle was on a business trip, and I was asked to chaperone my kids' special limo ride lunch for their school fundraiser award. By the end of a long day, I was pretty wiped out and the kids were in full on crazy mode. Kyle had thoughtfully planned ahead and given me a couple treats and a birthday cake before he left. The kids sang happy birthday to me, and capture my tired mom birthday face. Ha ha! At the time it was not so funny, but now I think it is somewhat endearing because this is REAL LIFE. Some days are highs of epic trips, and some days are hard work, tired faces and Fruity Pebbles to end the day. Thank you Lord for life and health so I can be with the ones I love.

Birthday cereal - the kids fave ;)

This is 41!

My birthday crew

Happy Halloween 2017

My Halloween game is slipping, friends... Or maybe it's that my kids aren't all chill with coordinating costumes anymore (cry!!!). This year we had the following lineup:

- Marin the raccoon
- Maddie as Captain Marvel
- Max the ninja (repeat from last year, ha!)
- Marcus as Catboy from PJ Masks (a gift from his August birthday)

So basically I only had to get two costumes. All I know is that if they're happy, I'm happy :)

We got more candy this year than ever in the history of our family's existence, due to my older kids wanting to hit every house in our big neighborhood now. SUGAR OVERLOAD! (also I won't have to buy a dessert from the store for at least 3 months)

Love my cute kids that still all dress up!

OrenKofest with friends!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

This and that

A little collection of moments this fall!

The two biggest Husky fans in the house

Impromptu day date with this handsome man at Ikea

Swim team tryouts for Maddie!

She totally rocked it!

Mom/Maddie date at the park

Family picture day

They crack me up!

My four blessings. Such a lucky mom.

All the jelly feelings because Kyle got to visit
Harry Potter world in Florida!


Diagon Alley

Butterbeer cart

Waiting in line for the super fun ride.
He brought us home some pumpkin juice!

After his return from Florida, he pulled out the Mentos
Rocket science kit and freaked the kids out ;)

Holding on for dear life!


Personal dance moves

Raking leaves for after school exercise

I spy with my little eye...

Drowning in leaves

His hair keeps growing and growing!