Monday, September 18, 2017

Back to school - BIG CHANGES!

It's fall, and that means back to school time! The lineup this year is:

Marin - 6th
Maddie - 5th
Max - 2nd
Marcus.... DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! Entering full day kindergarten!!!

And the best part of this lineup is that all four of them are at the same school, for the one and only time in their lives. I love it! It's going to be glorious and special and awesome.

I cried my entire eyes out for 3 days following Marcus' first day. And now I'm fine :)

Hey, speaking of all the kids being at Quatama, I might even break my record from last year of how many times a week a parents can be called up to the health room! (Side comment - this is why I don't have a job)

Anyway, everyone was very excited to bring our little caboose of the family to school, and to show him everything including THE BUS. Basically, nobody needs me, they have each other now ;) Until 2:40 then they all need me at once. I wish I had four pairs of ears so I don't miss any of these stories and announcements each afternoon. It's awesome and I love everything about this.

So, what will I be doing with my time? Don't mind me, I'll just be over here updating the blog and eating bon-bons! (Do they still make bon-bons? I feel like I need to investigate this)

The Corrigan sibs!

I can barely handle his handsome hairdo

Reuniting with special friends

Snuggles before he goes off to become an adult

Fun fact: this was Marin's "kinder" t-shirt from
six years ago! He wanted to wear it on the first day

Strolling into school with zero need to be
holding my hand. I'm running to catch up ;)

Our amazing principal - red carpet treatment!

I insist on a mom/son selfie even though the bell has rung.

First bus ride. He and Busdriver John
are already best friends.
Shocker :)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Date weekend to Seattle

Ever since two summers ago when Kyle and Maddie took their special sabbatical trip to Seattle, Kyle has been wanting to go back just the two of us. Considering I grew up in Seattle, I really haven't done a lot of the tourist stuff! Typical of the town you live near, I suppose. So my amazing parents watched the kids, and the two of us took a road trip north to be Seattle tourists! We really packed it in, and I'm so glad we did. There was so much fun stuff to do, the weather was literally the most gorgeous I have ever experienced, and we had a blast touring in the town we met. We also had so much fun walking around the UW campus, and our old college houses! Ahhh, brought back such awesome memories. Such a fun weekend with my college sweetheart!

Stayed at the historic Moore Hotel

The gum wall

The gum wall and bubble tea

Pike Place market

Walking on the pier

Fancy drinks

Super fun ride similar to "Soaring" at California Adventure

The big wheel!

On the Big Wheel!

Seattle art

Visiting the Space Needle before it's remodeled!

MOPOP museum of pop culture - Captain Kirk!

Guitars everywhere

Fun fact: my high school prom was at the
Space Needle

I could stare out these windows for hours!

Duck Tours!

Awesome selfie takers

UCU! Where it all began...

Walking on to campus

Our favorite place ever, UW campus!
So many amazing memories

Location of our first kiss ;)

Solar Eclipse

A once in a lifetime experience, living in the path of a full solar eclipse! We did not join the zillions of people who drove a little farther south to be in full darkness, instead we stayed at home where we got 96% dark (which turns out, is still pretty light! that sun is powerful). It was so interesting watching the shadows and twilight type light fall upon the earth. In retrospect, I actually wish we had traveled and experienced the totality. Everyone I know (literally everyone) who went had a super emotional and powerful experience. Who knew nature and God's amazing earth could elicit such a response? Incredible world.

All prepared with eye protection

Moon shape light patterns